The Present Changes. Still, It’s a Gift.

Cooperative Strategies was formed as a consultancy for credit unions in 1991. John Parsons and a diverse team of professionals help you, your business, and your team’s good work grow in enjoyable and useful ways. Clarity and performance result. Working together while you understand yourself and others better is a prescription for success. It’s a way to keep growing.

  • Executive Coaching: Guiding you as you guide yourself with encouraging conversations and contemplation, resulting in interconnected personal
    and professional growth plans and action
  • Strategic and Business Planning: Collaborating to develop simple, functional strategic and business plans that the entire company embraces and succeeds within
  • Board Governance: Helping boards understand, embrace, and enjoy their noble role
  • Execution and Performance: Getting the work done clearly, enjoyably, and efficiently


Meditation and Mindfulness are a centering place amid our Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous lives. Mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present. The gift of secular Meditation is just breathing and staying aware one breath at a time. Interconnecting Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience leads to more enjoyable life and work.

  • Personalized Meditation Guidance and practice can link to executive coaching or be separate
  • On-line Group Meditations are offered free, once a week, with participants from coast to coast
  • Meditation – Conversation is offered to a small group, once a month or so, in Central Maine
  • Euro Retreats: With experience leading retreats in France (Provence), Italy (Umbria), and Switzerland (Alps), John will be guiding mindful traveling parties (adventure, safety, and fun) to Portugal with ample time in Lisbon, the Azores, and beyond.



“Financial Wellbeing: Interconnecting Startegy, Performance and Mindfulness.”


A talk on mindfulness from the “Big Bright Minds” conference at Harvard.


Cooperative Strategies can help you, your team, and your credit union grow.


John Parsons

John Parsons

Founder / Senior Partner

  • Army Brat, son of Maine, born in Japan, raised in France and all over US.
  • Class President BA, Bowdoin College
  • MS Communications, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Certified Teacher, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, founded at Google
  • Board Member and Supervisory Committee Chair, Maine Harvest Federal Credit Union
  • Vice President, Technology Federal Credit Union (Silicon Valley and SoCal)
  • Chief Operating Officer, Connecticut Credit Union League
  • Executive Vice President, Mission Federal Credit Union (San Diego)
  • Chief Executive Officer, First City Federal Credit Union (Los Angeles)
  • Trusted advisor to over a hundred credit unions throughout the country.